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If you were to ask anyone what the biggest impact the Coronavirus has had on their life, they would all most likely say their jobs.

The COVID-19 virus has not only caused the death of tens of thousands, but it has also caused the death of countless businesses. We are not just talking about small or private businesses, but large companies have had to file for bankruptcy as well.  For instance, two of the large companies affected by this pandemic are Neiman Marcus, an American chain of luxury department stores, and J. Crew, a major retailer in the US.

The Rise and Fall of Job Opportunities

The loss of millions of jobs throughout the world has severely impacted the economy worldwide. Even though many companies are coping and adapting to current situations, the economy is still struggling and only ever so slowly coming back. Due to the pandemic still lingering, this process of rejuvenating the economy is both being slowed and leaving uncertainty of whether things will ever go back to the way they were.

When the World Health Organization, short for WHO, declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic in March of this year, everyone was hit hard by how quickly life had to change. Lockdown was immediately enforced, social distancing was strictly implemented, and masks were made compulsory to wear outdoors.

There are over 200 total countries and territories that exist in the world. Eventually, over 100 countries became victims of the rapid and merciless spread of COVID-19. This outbreak has resulted in two extreme shifts within the job industry. One is that many unfortunate individuals from across varying industries lost their jobs. The other is that while jobs were being lost, some were being opened up in certain industries.

Surges in job opportunities on job-seek platforms

Today, job-seeking websites and agencies have been benefiting from the pandemic. They have been working twice as hard and around the clock to meet the high demands of certain positions, the majority being in the healthcare sector. The job that is the most sought after or with the greatest demand are registered nurses. To meet these demands, it is very common for workers to move to a different location just to fill the roles they have been offered, even if the contract is only for the short-term.

According to Glassdoor, a job-seek website, one-third of the jobs that are posted come from government, healthcare, and non-profit employers. They have recorded that from February to March alone, these kinds of job postings increased from 100 to around 300. Furthermore, a lot of these job posts were from already severely impacted companies or organizations by COVID-19.

The rest of the job posts found on Glassdoor came from recruitments agencies and staffing firms with an overall rise of 34 percent. Aya Healthcare, a nursing agency in California, stated that they had a 17 percent increase from March 9-16. Another nursing agency in Colorado called Fastaff Travel Nursing also shared that they had a 66 percent increase the prior week, which is the highest they have ever had within the last 12 months.

These pieces of evidence and statistics tell us that the majority of the demands come from healthcare recruiters. This makes sense after all as many have been infected by the virus and it all happened very suddenly and quickly. Of course, nurses aren’t the only ones who are in high demand since the pandemic began early in the year. Data researchers are also in need to help fast track the study of the unique coronavirus, as well as cleaners to help sanitize workplaces and other working areas.

The need for data researchers, cleaners, and volunteers

The role of data researchers is very self-explanatory. These individuals analyze and record certain information or figures to create statistics for others to use. With the spread of the virus and the impact it has been having on every turn, there is a need for people to study its progress and behavior. As a result, we can better understand what the virus is doing and be able to predict what it may do in the future. Then, organizations can be better prepared and equipped to respond as situations come.

Another surge of job posts for recruitment agencies are directed to cleaners. There is a very high demand for all kinds of cleaners to be hired for varying industries, particularly with the government and healthcare sectors. As the strict policies on hygiene become increasingly enforced, more and more cleaners are needed to help clean buildings or offices to maintain a sanitized and safe workplace.

Big companies or facilities, such as airports and transportation services are especially on the lookout for plenty of cleaners to help meet the needs of sanitizing these large spaces and the equipment they use each day. Even non-profit organizations are encouraging volunteers to come on board to help the community become a cleaner place. Eventually, people will be allowed to roam outside, so cleaners will have to work daily to match this need.

On top of sanitation, humanitarian services and projects are being implemented on a wide scale, so there is a solid growth of job post regarding this area too. As the virus remained for a long period, more organizations, both non-profit and for-profits are coming together to work on a unified goal to meet the needs of employers and local citizens that are unable to find jobs in their respective skillsets.


As far as we know and from what we hear from experts, there is no definite time when the pandemic will end. Sadly, cases of COVID-19 are still popping up from different parts of the world. So, until these statistics begin to slow down drastically or a cure for the virus has been developed, the current lifestyle we’re living may continue for at least until the end of the year. Even if 2021 brings better changes, the world will still only slowly come back to how it once was economically.

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