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Today, there are hundreds of medical recruitment agencies on the market, all vying for you. Although choosing one of these firms is a no-brainer, choosing the right firm is a challenge, considering the fierce competition for healthcare talent and the looming shortage of skilled staff. 

From the perspective of a care professional, it's important to choose an organization that recognizes and promotes your special skills. A good agency would fit your skills for the best job openings available.

However, not all staffing agencies are produced equally. How do you know which agency to select when there are hundreds of them competing for your business? The best healthcare recruiters will provide their providers with the following benefits:

An agency that understands your needs

Beyond the job description, a good healthcare recruiter can take the time to consider exactly what you're looking for. The last thing you want is to start a job at a place where you won't be challenged or where you won't fit in.

Choose a company that will not waste your time with unsuccessful placements. Your department should conduct a thorough search of available positions and carefully choose the best candidates. After conducting, they must provide you with the location and position that will challenge and enhance your medical field skills.

An agency that helps you through the process

Select a company that will direct you through not just the recruitment but also the hiring process. Inquire about a firm's process before choosing them, from the initial meeting and screening to the interview, compensation or benefits negotiation, and making a final bid. 

Finding a new healthcare job can be difficult; having an expert guide you through the process makes things a lot simpler. 

An agency that considers your long-term goals

Your recruitment firm should be mindful of your long-term objectives, even though you are looking for a short-term or locum tenens role. Make sure they understand whether you want to stay a locum tenens provider or whether you're interested in a full-time job. Discuss your career aspirations with your recruiter for the next five to ten years. Finding the best fit now will help you achieve your long-term career objectives.

An agency that provides follow-up

A dedicated recruiting firm must ensure that the candidates they send to your organization are long-term assets. They can check in with your management or HR team on a regular basis to see whether the applicants are meeting your performance standards.

Your recruitment agent should always react within a couple of hours if there are any problems or questions. Choose an organization that helps you to concentrate on delivering excellent service as they handle the recruiting process. There will always be time-sensitive questions and issues, so finding a recruiter who will work efficiently with you is important.

An agency that advocates for you

Look for a recruiter who can do more than just submit your resume to potential employers. When it comes to sharing your specific skills with hiring managers, your recruiter is your most powerful ally. A top recruitment firm will work on your behalf to find the best job for your needs and show you to potential employers in the best light possible.

When a healthcare recruiting agency goes above and beyond to find you the ideal job, you know you've found the right one.

An agency that offers transparency

Inquire about the services that prospective agencies would offer that you wouldn't be able to do without. This is an issue that a successful agency can not escape. Your recruiter should be open to discussing their network of medical facilities, their track record, and their strategy for marketing your skillset.

Find a reputable agency.

How can you say if the staffing firm you're considering is reputable? Begin by conducting studies. Look for any warning signs, such as:

  • not being thorough with paperwork
  • rushing the process
  • pressuring you to misrepresent yourself in order to land a job
  • attempting to charge you fees upfront
  • fabricating letters of recommendation or qualifications

Examine the recruiter's website closely and check for any news stories that reference the organization or its founders. Look for agencies in business for at least five years and request referrals from suppliers that have previously worked with them.

Choose as your staffing agency. will help you find a new job as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or other qualified medical professionals. For more than a decade, we've been positioning top-tier providers. To find the ideal location for each of our applicants, we hire from our vast network of facility partners. Send your CV today, and you might be one of us!


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