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The health industry, ever since the release of the deadly Covid-19 virus, has gone through quite a lot of unexpected and consistent struggles.

This struggle might not be ending anytime soon, considering that a cure for this kind of Coronavirus has yet to be discovered. As far as we can see or experts can predict, lockdown rules and social distancing might be here to stay for a while. Naturally, this can cause big changes to happen in our lives, and especially in the healthcare workforce.

What The Healthcare Workforce Looks Like Today

Today, the healthcare workforce is significantly different to how it was before the virus outbreak. Before physicians and nurses were comfortable with their jobs, patients were able to casually walk into clinics, and nobody was dying quickly by an unknown virus.

Unfortunately, these instances are not the cases anymore, both from when the outbreak first began and up to now. All of the healthcare professionals, especially in areas where high cases of the virus have been found, are working harder than ever. Even the workers in low case areas are still expected to be on the lookout and prepared to receive any infected patients.

One of the biggest changes in the healthcare industry is that some of the health-related work is being conducted online. With everyone stuck at home and the social distancing strictly enforced, the only practical way to reach people effectively is through the infamous online world. So, it is an extremely huge relief that the virtual aspect of life was unaffected by the virus. Otherwise, the health industry would most likely never recover from this long pandemic.

What is Telehealth?

Because going online is the way to go for health industries at the moment, they needed to find the means or help to do so. This is where Telehealth comes into play. Telehealth is an online company that offers digital services to hospitals, as well as other healthcare centers.

This company specializes in online communication, hence why they offer digital services. They assist hospitals by communicating with their staff online, whether it is an interview with a new recruit or a press conference with a team. Whatever the hospital needs are, Telehealth helps make that happen online. So, if the health-related transaction can happen on the net between patient and doctor, then it can be made possible through Telehealth.

This is how most hospitals are functioning nowadays. What’s really great about going virtual is that patients from rural areas or where they are more isolated to certain health care procedures can tune in just as easily as watching TV. This method of connecting with patents additionally helps them to address certain health concerns at a much quicker pace too.

There are plenty of people who secretly feel ill or may have something medically wrong with them. However, they are too afraid to visit the hospital or a clinic due to the judgments that others may give them. The world is filled with an abundance of fear right now, so it is easy to suspect a sick individual as someone who might be positive with the virus. By going online, this can provide scared individuals the opportunity to talk with a doctor privately and in the comforts of their home.

When will things go back to normal?

Another area that Telehealth assists in is the delivery of health-related information and health education training. All of this is done through apps and technology that is mediated by Telehealth. Telehealth makes use of and fully utilizes online tools or devices that would make communication and sharing of information effective. The overall goal is to make engaging and interacting possible for both health practitioners and patients, as well as doing so with ease.

This means of work may be the current normal for now and in the foreseeable future, so getting familiar with online tools and understanding the online world may be what many health workers will have to be accustomed to. Going online does come with its pros, though, so much that certain companies have already decided to continue leaving certain workers at home. One of these evident benefits is that hospitals and staff members will end up saving money.

Telehealth also eliminates spending on public transportation, and for fuel whenever workers travel to and from work. Of course, this goes the same with patients too, especially since the majority of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Due to the state that the world is in, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for short) suggested that it would be best for people to stay at home as much as possible in order to avoid making things difficult for authorities and other citizens.

Regardless of the benefits of staying at home or the convenience in connecting with patients online, the special nature of the person to person communication will never be replaced by virtual reality. After all, it is much easier to build a rapport with others when you meet them in person. So, there will always be this kind of social aspect missing. But, until everyone can get back on their feet after recovering from the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19, the lifestyle of healthcare workers will have to adjust to this drastic change.


The healthcare workforce from throughout the world is still fighting hard against the coronavirus. It is unknown when the fight will end, but it is evident that people are beginning to get used to the lifestyle we’ve had to live during this pandemic. So many lives have been affected and changed to a significant degree that we may never fully go back to what was normal. Nevertheless, thanks to the hard work of healthcare workers and others like Telehealth, we can at least still hope for things to become ever slowly better.


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