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You may have been dreaming about starting or entering in hospital as a locum; whether you're a young practitioner or you've been practicing for several years, locum might be for you. But before we start thinking of becoming a locum tenens, what is a locum doctor? You would identify a locum doctor who covers for other doctors when on leave, has patient overload, or on holiday if you were to characterize locum tenens. So what does 'locum tenens' mean exactly? Locum tenens in English means 'place holder'.


You ought to be versatile, adaptable, and appreciate transition as a locum physician who takes another physician's position. Locums may expect the role to span anywhere from a day to six months or a year. For many factors, getting locum coverage is important for hospital managers and administrators in private practice. If they are out on holiday, maternity, or study leave, doctors who run their own practice will use locums to cover for them. 

There are lots of reasons for doctors who prefer locum tenens jobs. If you think that locum tenens could work for you, you might be an excellent match for these reasons.

1. More Work and Life Balance For You

The freedom to have choices and flexibility on your job characterize a locum physician. You have the flexibility to pick your own timetable as a locum doctor, whether you wish to book days off, work only on weekends, or try a schedule that fits with drop-off hours for kindergarten. Being a locum can have greater versatility than standard practice with less time commitment. This will make it easy for you for the remainder of your life to schedule your job and not the other way around.

2. You're Just Getting Started

Many locums are only out of medical school and may use locum practice to raise additional cash on evenings or weekends beyond their daily practice. Suppose you plan to pay off student loans. In that case, this is a perfect strategy you can place the extra money you receive for repayment of your debt, demand some of the student tax refunds from your income at the end of the year, and even take advantage of one of the short-term remote job schemes that earn you government rebates on your income.

Even if you are not trying to supplement your salary, locum work is a wonderful idea for doctors who are new to medical school. The job's versatility opens you to a wide range of forms of office and patient conditions that you might not normally see and protects you from agreeing to a long contract to a role that you do not like.

3. Still Choosing The Right Path To Practice


Being a locum makes it possible for you to encounter a wide range of cultures, conditions, and medical concerns for patients. While you will be trained to work in any situation with the preparation you get in your specialty, if you continue in one practice for much of your career, the real experience you may have of working in various roles will be restricted.

If you want to branch out, but you're not sure how a perfect way to ease into a new mode of practice, then try being a locum. A locum physician may operate out of one room in a remote area or supervise medical students in a larger practice.

As a locum, your experience will give you an idea of what type of practice you want to work with or work in, as well as show you the places you don't like. If you want a smaller office, a large hospital administration setting, or a busy family practice, locum work will teach you.

4. Travel While Working


Besides the versatility, the freedom to practice everywhere is another major advantage that locum work provides. Your job as a locum helps you live without borders, even while gaining a comfortable salary, from coast to coast or even abroad. Bear in mind international laws regulating medical doctors and their criteria for credentialing- you will need to follow these requirements to ensure that any visa problems are cleared up before you travel.

5. More Freedom While Working

'Temporary' is part of the concept of locum tenens, and the short-term existence of the position means that there are several different ways to work. You can fly, work shortened hours, or change the balance of your work life as a locum. A locum's job is constantly shifting and keeps you on your toes, so you can be confident you will not get burnout.

The best thing is that you don't need to linger through the agreed time limit if you don't like a particular task. It means you're never going to be in a situation to be trapped anywhere you don't want. If you find yourself wanting something new, you might get the independence you're looking for from locum jobs.


It's time to start dreaming about how locum tenens would help you, now that you know more about the advantages of locum jobs. Being a locum is a perfect way to add more opportunities to your medical practice, whether it's a flexible work-life arrangement, a way to pay off your student loans, or a great opportunity to retire.

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