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Joining the medical profession nowadays is both an opportunity and a luxury. Healthcare providers around the world are recognized to be heroes in their own rights by saving lives of their fellowmen, and also by earning salary rates higher than the past generations. Technology has advanced too, and right now, healthcare services such as consultation are extended in online platforms. This has made the healthcare system even more efficient. And gladly, the revolution in the medical field has led to progress that’s making more lives, especially the patients’, more convenient.

Now, if you see how that could benefit you as well, you’d certainly look into the possibility of becoming part of the healthcare industry one day. Currently, there are career opportunities offered online for practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals. They can practice their profession with an agent, and do their work independently. You’ll have that opportunity once you acquire the necessary degree. In case you’re finding more reasons to pursue one, here’s the list of the best medical careers to make as your reference:


Physicians and Surgeons

By far, this is the highest-earning medical profession in most, if not all, countries. They are primarily involved in the diagnosis of injuries and illnesses by looking at the patient’s history, laboratory results, and then making appropriate prescriptions or treatment plans. The preparation for this career includes a rigorous academic and professional training. A four-year medical school degree is required, and then three to seven years of internship or residency programs. Presently, physicians and surgeons are in-demand in public and private hospitals. Others join the workforce of professionals through online agencies like locum tenens company that cater to healthcare career practice.


Career opportunities today are favorable for locum registered pharmacists, too. With a noted $128,090 median salary, it earned a spot among the top 10 highest-paid professionals in the medical industry. The work, as you know already, involves dispensing prescriptions and advising patients on the proper use of medications. They also verify physician instructions and oversee the responsibility of pharmacy technicians. To practice the profession, you need to complete a 4 to 5-year degree and take the licensure examinations. Some specializations such as internal medicine would require additional training.


This is another in-demand profession in the medical field at present. In fact, it’s been noted that dentists earn as much as $159,000 on average per year. Generally, these professionals diagnose and treat problems with teeth, gum, and mouth. It’s also part of their job to advise patients on preventive care such as repairing damaged teeth, flossing and diet, and examining x-rays for any dental problem. To practice this profession, you need a bachelor’s degree and get a license regulated by the state. You may opt for public or private practice once you earned the necessary requirements in the practice of the profession.



Registered nurses are highly-paid today, too. They can earn up to $115,000 on average per year. Those nurses with advanced practice like in anesthetics are more in-demand than any others. They are generally responsible for performing physical examinations, administering diagnostic tests, making patient care plans, and counseling patients in the course of treatment. To practice this profession, you need a bachelor’s degree, get a professional license, and additional courses or training for its advanced practice.

Physical Therapists

With an average of $89,000 a year, becoming a physical therapist is also encouraging today. You can practice this profession by completing a bachelor’s degree and three-year doctor program, and getting the necessary license required by the state. However, requirements may vary in different countries or states. The job of this professional typically includes helping improve movement and manage pain in patients who need rehabilitation, preventive care, and treatment for chronic conditions. Also, they perform diagnosis of patient’s problem, development of treatment plans, and guidance of patients in the duration of treatment program.

Medical Scientists

This profession is recognized as essential in the medical industry as well. Pay for this professionals could reach up to $88,000 per year. The requirements for actual practice include many years of academic study on medicine or biology. Tasks would normally involve conducting research, clinical trials, and investigations to improve locum tenens healthcare system. Also, they perform analysis of medical samples and standardizing drugs for manufacturing. It’s a good career to consider if you have excellent research and critical thinking skills.

There are some other medical careers worth pursuing nowadays, not just because of the encouraging pay that they offer, but more so of the development that you can make in the healthcare system for the benefit of your fellowmen. It’s just a good thing for the new generation to think about when deciding on a profession to practice today or in the future.

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