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This year has been vastly different from the previous years, as all around the world is currently fighting off a deadly coronavirus pandemic. This COVID-19 virus has started with its first case from late December of last year. This virus has immensely affected and impacted the healthcare workforce’s whole system as they are the ones in charge of making sure this pandemic does not worsen and affect all of humanity aside from the different governments and organizations of the world. In detecting, treating, and preventing the cases from spreading to other people and places, they are in the front lines. The healthcare workforce has never been the same as they search for a vaccine to help the whole world fight off this pandemic.

This is the Year of the Nurse and The Midwife

In the middle of all these chaos and challenges, the World Health Organization has launched a campaign recognizing 2020 as the official and International Year Of The Nurse And The Midwife. This initiative from WHO is a long year campaign aiming to celebrate nurses’ and midwives’ hard work and dedication worldwide. These healthcare professionals are vital in giving out healthcare services. They take care of mothers, children, the elderly, and patients who need care and attention. Nurses and midwives are often the only available and accessible resource in providing healthcare in their communities. The world currently needs 9 million more nurses and midwives prepared for the universal health coverage of 2030.


Nurses make up the majority of the personnel of the healthcare workforce. They have many duties and responsibilities like caring for patients, administering medicine, monitoring vital signs, communicating with physicians about their patients’ details, etc. Nurses are often on the front lines looking after every patient who needs medical help. Their job transcends to different ages, sexes, and conditions. 

Other than being the majority making up the health force, this year is for the honorable and devoted nurses because of the 200th anniversary of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale. She was born on May 12, 1820. Florence was known and called to be the “Lady with the Lamp,” who was also the first woman to receive the Order of Merit. It is because of her care and works in the Crimean War treating the British and allied forces and founding the first scientifically based nursing school, according to DailyNurse.com.


A Midwife is a healthcare professional trained to assist women during labor, delivery, and are also the ones who take care of the child just after birth. They can help deliver babies in homes, birthing centers, and mostly in hospitals. Midwives also work hand in hand with obstetricians or gynecologists (OB-Gyn) in making sure a woman delivers well and with no complications for her and her child. 

Most adults today may have been delivered with the help of a midwife. These healthcare professionals are essential in the force as they are responsible for making sure the young generation are well taken care of before, during, and after their births. 

Be a Locum Tenens Provider

The healthcare workforce needs more healthcare practitioners and professionals to supply increasing demand. More than ever, during this pandemic, healthcare is essential to the rising numbers of patients globally. Become a Locum Tenens Provider, and you will have the chance and opportunity to be employed faster and easier. The world needs you, and if you are looking for the right job amidst this pandemic, You might want to check out this article, Why The Pandemic Is A Great Time To Be A Locum Tenens Provider that lets you in on the advantages and disadvantages of finding a job during these challenging times. Now is the time to take action and help out if you can to further support the healthcare workforce in fighting off this virus. You can also read more about how you help in this article, How You Can Help The Healthcare Workforce. 


The world is currently in need of help and support as the healthcare force is working together to find a vaccine that will help eradicate the COVID-19 virus. As people face this pandemic, we should give recognition and importance to those in the frontlines who risk their lives to make the world a better and safer place. Thank you to our Nurses and Midwives for upholding and providing the high standards of medical care. 


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