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How Are Locum Tenens Providers And What Do They Do?

The meaning of locum tenens is translated from Latin as one keeping a position. In contemporary healthcare, a locum tenens provider is a specialist or specialized practice provider who stands in for another clinician who cannot work. Today, locum tenens is a thriving practice option that provides endless ...Read More    Tags: COVID-19 , healthcare , workforce , locum tenens , donate , healthcare staffing , physician jobs

Locum Tenens Physician Assistant

Locum tenens loosely translates to "placeholder" (for another employee). Believe it or not, physicians and physician assistants do work intermittent tasks, and they can be excellent openings if the personal circumstances are favorable. Locum jobs will last anywhere from a week or two ...Read More    Tags: locum , locum tenens , physicians , healthcare , medical career

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Recruitment Agency

Today, there are hundreds of medical recruitment agencies on the market, all vying for you. Although choosing one of these firms is a no-brainer, choosing the right firm is a challenge, considering the fierce competition for healthcare talent and the looming shortage of skilled staff.  From ...Read More    Tags: locum , locum tenens , physicians , healthcare , medical career

Top 6 In-Demand Specialties For Locum Tenens

As 2021 started, the healthcare industry is continually growing, largely driven by our aging population and a greater demand for healthcare services. According to the American Hospital Association, because of COVID-19, many hospitals are still generating more demand for healthcare staff. As we ...Read More    Tags: locum tenens , medical career , locums , healthcare profession

Why Locum Tenens is A Great Start to Your Medical Career

Most people think that medical students only need to be competent. But what about the experience? Did you know that 94 percent of medical centers have used a locum tenens doctor in the last 12 months? This enormous sum reflects the healthcare industry's changing requirements and facilities ...Read More    Tags: locum tenens , medical career , healthcare , profession

Locums Tenens’ Most High Paying Jobs in the Medical Industry

Looking for a way to jumpstart your medical career? Here are some high-paying jobs in the healthcare sector you can explore! Professional healthcare jobs are where they're at when it comes to demand. You can easily do a quick job search for medical jobs that pay well. An approximate 80 ...Read More    Tags: career , healthcare , locum tenens

Best Medical Careers to Pursue for Present Generation

Joining the medical profession nowadays is both an opportunity and a luxury. Healthcare providers around the world are recognized to be heroes in their own rights by saving lives of their fellowmen, and also by earning salary rates higher than the past generations. Technology has advanced too, and right ...Read More    Tags: career , profession , healthcare staffing

The Top Reasons To Try Locum Tenens

If you're a well-established physician looking for a more flexible schedule or a medical resident who knows the importance of gaining experience in a variety of clinical environments, locum tenens roles will help you progress to the next level of your career.  If you are trying a new ...Read More    Tags: healthcare , healthcare staffing , locum tenens , workforce

The Benefits of Locum Tenens for Residents and Fellows

It's not a secret—how a doctor decides to finish residency can have a far-reaching effect. This first job can be vital to long-term success. It can influence skills, actions, potential gain, satisfaction, and so much more. Many are starting their job after residency, and after working ...Read More    Tags: healthcare , healthcare staffing , locum tenens , workforce

Is Locum For You? Here Are The Five Ways To Know

You may have been dreaming about starting or entering in hospital as a locum; whether you're a young practitioner or you've been practicing for several years, locum might be for you. But before we start thinking of becoming a locum tenens, what is a locum doctor? You would identify a locum doctor ...Read More    Tags: healthcare , workforce , physician jobs , health career

2020: International Year Of The Nurse And The Midwife

This year has been vastly different from the previous years, as all around the world is currently fighting off a deadly coronavirus pandemic. This COVID-19 virus has started with its first case from late December of last year. This virus has immensely affected and impacted the healthcare workforce’s ...Read More    Tags: COVID-19 , healthcare , workforce , locum tenens , donate , healthcare staffing , physician jobs

How You Can Help The Healthcare Workforce

In these trying times, wherein all face different challenges regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, the healthcare workforce has been in the middle of all the chaos and needs help in ways most of us can't imagine. Hospitals are full of patients, healthcare employees are overworked, hours have increased, ...Read More    Tags: COVID-19 , healthcare , workforce , locum tenens , donate , healthcare staffing , physician jobs

Why The Pandemic Is A Great Time To Be A Locum Tenens Provider

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought so much destruction to almost all parts of the globe. The fearful outbreak of COVID-19 has touched the lives of people far and wide mentally and/or physically, especially since the worldwide lockdown was initiated in March of this year. Since the beginning of ...Read More    Tags: covid-19 , healthcare , physician jobs , locum tenens , healthcare staffing

What To Do With Pandemic-induced Panic Attacks

If you are already living with a panic disorder, fears about the coronavirus can take a great toll on your emotional health. But, there are ways to overcome this. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 is affecting the world in many ways. It not only negatively affects the global economy, but this pandemic ...Read More    Tags: covid-19 , healthcare jobs , physician jobs , locum tenens , locum tenens jobs

What The Job Industry Looks Like Since The Pandemic

If you were to ask anyone what the biggest impact the Coronavirus has had on their life, they would all most likely say their jobs. The COVID-19 virus has not only caused the death of tens of thousands, but it has also caused the death of countless businesses. We are not just talking about small ...Read More    Tags: covid-19 , healthcare , physician jobs , locum tenens , healthcare staffing

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